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What’s the legal limit on tyre tread?


By law, tyre treads must not be below 1.6mm. If you’re stopped by the police you could face a £2,500 fine and three penalty points per tyre. You can check them with a 20p coin.

Find out how with this video from National Highways:



I only have a puncture, can it be repaired?


It depends where the puncture is. If it’s on the wall of the tyre, it cannot be repaired as it would deem the vehicle to be unsafe and at risk of a blow-out. If the puncture is on the tread, depending on the general condition of the tyre and the size of the puncture, these can often be repaired.

Overall, it’s best not to gamble with tyre safety as they are critical to enabling you to stop as quickly and safely as possible in all weathers.


How do I choose the right tyres for my vehicle?


There are many different brands and types of tyres available on the market, so it can sometimes be difficult to know the right ones for your vehicle.

The name and type will usually be displayed on your current tyre, but unless you purchased the vehicle from new, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are the ones recommended by the manufacturer. If you’re not sure and your tyres need to be replaced, give us a call and we are happy to advise you.

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