“Will it pass or fail?”

This question is on everyone’s mind when it comes to an MOT.

Why you need an MOT certificate

All cars and vans, once over 3 years old, need to have an MOT test to check the vehicles are roadworthy and meet the emissions standards set by the government.

Failure to have a valid MOT can:

  • jeopardise the safety of your vehicle
  • risk a fine of up to £1,000
  • invalidate your insurance

You’ll only pay for what’s necessary

MOTs can often cause worry on older vehicles, due to the possible repair costs if it fails. Rest assured, at UNR automotive we will only repair or replace parts that are needed to pass the test and we won’t do this without asking you first.

What if your vehicle fails its MOT?

To ensure you’re happy with our MOT service, you’ll receive clear and full explanations on the items that have failed. We’ll show you the problems and explain the requirements to pass. We also issue a notice for advised changes and will talk through them if you wish.

Different classes of MOT

The different classes of vehicles have different standards they need to reach. When you book your vehicle in for its annual MOT, we need to know the make and model so we get the class right. This allows our technicians to check the right areas and determine whether it is a pass or fail. It also allows us to reserve enough time to carry out the MOT thoroughly.

Car MOTs

Regardless of the make or model of your car, we are authorised to carry out your MOT test and can make the necessary repairs if you wish us to do so.

Light Commercial Vehicle MOTs

Our technicians are experienced in carrying out MOTs and repairs on all makes and models of light commercial vehicles. And, if you have a fleet that happen to all need testing at the same time, we can do that too.

MOT Reminder Service

It’s one of those things that’s easily missed. The year flies by and you don’t realise that your MOT has expired.

Never miss your MOT again by requesting an annual reminder. We’ll simply give you a call when your MOT is nearly due so we can get your vehicle booked in. We promise not to sell your data or use it to bombard you with marketing you don’t want.

Book your mot Online

Or, give us a call, if you prefer to book over the phone.
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