MOT Case Study


Car make: Ford, Volkswagen

Car model: Transit, Ranger, Amarok

Year: 2014-2019


The customer runs a fleet of vehicles within their busy business and vehicles were frequently running beyond their MOT expiry date. This caused potential financial consequences but also extended downtime for the vehicles and interrupted their business.


Here at UNR automotive, we offer an MOT reminder service. We send email and text message reminders out 45 days, 30 days and 15 days prior to the MOT expiry date, this ensures vehicles are tested on time.

We worked with this business and added their vehicles onto our database and were then able to send MOT reminders out for all of their vehicles and in turn, reduced the number of times we had a vehicle running on the road without a valid MOT.

Customer feedback:

The MOT reminder service offered by UNR automotive drastically improved our business. MOTs on vehicles were consistently being forgotten and this caused disruption and problems in the day to day running of the business.

We now receive email and text messages to remind us of the expiry date for all our vehicles, prompting us to get them booked in well before the expiry date. This ensures that we remain compliant and our vehicles are kept in a roadworthy condition.

Any questions?

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