Avoid paying for unnecessary replacement parts

Car engines are far more sophisticated these days, which makes it almost impossible to fix problems correctly without professional diagnostic equipment and the skills and experience required to identify the root of the problem.

A fault light can appear for a number of reasons and if not diagnosed correctly, it can result in multiple expensive parts being replaced needlessly. If you’ve ever been presented with a huge bill for parts that you weren’t expecting, there’s a chance it may not have been diagnosed correctly in the first instance.

Engine diagnostics for most makes and models

Although specialising in Audi, Volkswagen, SEAT and SKODA, our diagnostic equipment is compatible with most makes and models.

Engine Management System

An engine management system controls the complex electronic systems that are responsible for the fuel efficiency and performance of your vehicle. Any problems with how this operates can end up costing you a lot more in fuel or have an adverse effect on the overall engine performance.

Fault Warning Lights

Take a look in your vehicle handbook and you’ll see just how many fault warning lights can be activated. Should any faults light up on the dash, it’s essential you get them checked out. Some can be due to electrical faults and others can be more serious. Either way, running our diagnostics tool will soon report exactly what the problem is.

Airbag / SRS Faults

An airbag fault could mean it doesn’t activate at the time when you need it most. Or, it could cause the airbag to activate when it shouldn’t. In addition to this being unsafe, it can also cause so much damage to the dash that insurance companies often simply write off the vehicle, due to it being too costly to fix.

If the warning light appears, our technicians can quickly find the cause, solve the problem and safely reset the system.

ABS / ESP / Traction Control Faults

Your vehicle has many safety systems built in to assist with driving in adverse weather conditions and helping you stop safely without skidding. A fault on any of these systems could increase your chances of an accident.

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