The Benefits of Servicing

Missing service intervals and scheduled maintenance can cause bigger and often more expensive problems later on. Regularly maintained vehicles will last many more years and thousands of miles more before requiring major investment or replacement.

Independent versus Main Dealer Servicing

Main dealers often promote their own servicing to maintain the warranty on your vehicle, but your servicing doesn’t have to be done at main dealer prices.

We can service your vehicle if it is still under the manufacturer’s warranty without invalidating it. We will use manufacturers parts and lubricants whilst following the manufacturer’s servicing schedules.

We will update the service record when we service your vehicle to ensure your service record is kept up to date, including Online Service History, otherwise known as Digital Service Record (DSR). We are registered with many manufacturers which enables us to update these.

This makes your car or van easier to sell when it’s time for you to change and retains more value in the vehicle.

Affordable Servicing

Our vehicle servicing options are affordable for all, whether you need a car or a van service. If anything needs replacing or repairing, this is also done at an affordable rate. We only use the best manufacturers for replacements so you get the best value for your money. Why should you need to replace the same part of the car every year? You shouldn’t! And we do not want you to!

Servicing Guarantee

Along with offering affordable, high quality servicing, all replacements and works are guaranteed. If you have any other problems, come back to us and we will do everything we can to look after you.

The engine is the heartbeat of any vehicle and correct lubrication is vital. We will only use the recommended and manufacturer approved Engine Oils in your vehicle. We are a registered Castrol Service Workshop which means we will use one of the most widely recognised engine oils available and is one of the best for any engine.

Servicing and Maintenance Schedules

These days vehicles are programmed to alert you when the manufacturer recommended servicing is due, which should always be followed, but general guidance is shown below.
checking engine oil

Full Service

Intervals for a full service can vary between manufacturers. Check your handbook for details.

A full service will typically include the items shown below.

  • Check lights, brakes, tyres, steering, suspension and all fluid levels and strengths
  • Oil change
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Fuel filter replacement (for diesel cars and some petrol cars)
  • Air cleaner replacement
  • Cabin filter replacement
  • Spark plug replacement (petrol vehicles only)
  • Brake fluid replacement
  • Air conditioning temperature and pressure check
  • Parking brake shoe inspection (where applicable)
  • Remove and rotate road wheels (where required)


Interim Service

Interim services are carried out between full services to ensure all is well. Frequency of these varies between manufacturers. Check your handbook for details.

An interim service will typically include the items shown below.

  • Check lights, brakes, tyres, steering, suspension and all fluid levels and strengths
  • Oil change
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Cabin filter replacement
  • Inspect drive belt
volkswagen air filter

Servicing Schedules

We will refer to the manufacturer’s servicing schedule, which will be dependent on your vehicle’s age or mileage. This varies between vehicle makes and models. If you let one of our team know your vehicle details, we’ll be happy to provide you with information on a scheduled service for your car or van.

Air Conditioning

If your air conditioning has stopped keeping you cool, it’s time to get it checked. Your air conditioning system is made up of many hoses and parts that wear over time. They also use a gas-pressure, which needs to be refilled after a number of years. If you’ve noticed a strange odour in the car, there may be a build up of bacteria in the system which needs cleaning. These are both problems that can be resolved quickly, to enable you to be comfortable again.
uk plate skoda car in snow

Winter Check & Service

Cold weather can cause a whole range of problems, from dead batteries to lack of antifreeze in the system, which can lead to unexpected breakdowns or not even starting at all. Instead of leaving it until this happens, spoiling your day, book it in for a winter check. We’ll only replace or fix parts if there’s something wrong with them.

Pre-journey Checks

If you’re planning a long journey or driving abroad, it’s always sensible to have us carry out a thorough check of the vehicle to prevent your trip from turning into a nightmare and being stranded miles from home.

Cambelt Replacement

Worn cambelts can cause major damage and expensive repairs if they are not replaced at the right time. Make sure they are checked regularly to avoid costly repairs in the future.

Transmission / Gearbox Service

This can include repairs to worn components or replacing the oil to keep your clutch and gears operating smoothly.

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