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You’ll already be aware of the bad reputation the car repair industry has. At UNR Automotive we have built an outstanding reputation in Leicestershire by treating customers with fairness and honesty.

Because our customers return and recommend us to friends and family, our customer base grows organically, which means we can invest in the latest equipment rather than having to spend money on marketing campaigns.

All makes and models

Whatever the make or model of your vehicle, UNR Automotive can diagnose the problem, repair it and get you back on the road as quickly as possible. The most common repairs are shown below.

Common car repairs carried out

Brake Replacement

Using a vehicle with defective brakes can add 3 penalty points to your driving licence. Common problems with brakes are usually signalled by either a sound or smell that’s not normal. Screeching, grindling, squealing and rubbing can all be caused by worn brake pads and brake shoes. If not replaced reasonably quickly, worn pads can lead to more expensive repairs being needed.

Steering and Suspension

Using a vehicle with defective steering can add 3 penalty points to your driving licence. The parts that make up the steering and suspension are exposed to all the adverse weather conditions you might encounter, which can lead to rusted and worn parts over time. If you’re experiencing any of the following: excessive vibration, feeling every bump, the car pulling to one side, experiencing difficulty when steering, it’s essential you have it checked out and repaired before it gets worse and fails completely.

Cambelt Replacement

Worn cambelts can cause major damage and expensive repairs if they are not replaced at the right time. Make sure they are checked regularly to avoid costly repairs in the future.

Tyre Replacement

Using a vehicle with one or more defective tyres can add 3 penalty points to your driving licence. And, even if within the legal limit, a worn tyre can significantly lengthen your braking distance and cause issues with stopping effectively in the wet.

Clutch Replacement

A worn clutch can cause difficulty with changing gear. Other common symptoms include sponginess, sticking or a vibrating or loose clutch pedal when pressed.

Gearbox Replacement

On older cars, particularly ones that have been subjected to a lot of city driving or if haven’t been serviced as regularly as they should be, gearboxes can be subject to excessive wear which eventually prevents the gears from being selected. Warning signs that your gearbox has a fault can include unusual noises, a burning smell, slipping gears, noises when in neutral, leaking fluid and grinding or shaking.

Exhaust Replacement

Worn fittings can cause an exhaust to rattle and, if left unresolved, will lead to a break in the exhaust, affecting your emissions and fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

Car repairs can sometimes be very difficult to diagnose yourself without the correct diagnostic equipment, so if in doubt, just book your car in for us to check it out. In the long run this can be more cost effective as it prevents you from replacing parts that are still serviceable.

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