Essential car checks


Windscreen wiper

What checks should I do before going on a long drive? 


We recommend checking your tyre pressures as well as tread depths. Refer to your vehicle handbook for the correct pressures for your tyres. We also advise you to check your oil level and antifreeze level. Always check your oil level when the vehicle is on level ground and always check your antifreeze level whilst the engine is cold.


What other checks are important?


– Check your lights


It’s easy to lose sight of how well your car lights are working. That’s why it’s good practice to have someone stand outside the car while you test your lights and indicators and confirm if they all work properly, even the number plate lights, as you can be fined for having a registration that can’t be seen.


– Check your screenwash level 


Screenwash is important all year round. In winter snow and grit cause dirty windscreens, whilst in the summer bugs and pollen can easily smear your view – so never put off checking your levels. Open the bonnet and find the screenwash bottle, then top up if necessary with a quality screenwash additive or pre-mix.

Carrying out all of these things will ensure your vehicle is kept on the road in a safer condition, but if a more serious problem arises then we are on hand to help.

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